Wednesday 23 January 2019

GST Payment Online -How to Pay GST Online

GST Payment Online                                
GST Payment Online
GST Payment Online


How to Pay GST Online

Click to the Service> Payments>Create Challan command.

The Create challan page is displayed . In the GSTIN/UIN/TRPID/TMPID filed, enter your GSTIN.

Click to PROCEED Button .

Note :-

In case UN Bodies, Embassies , Government offices or other notified persons wants to create a challan in pre-login, they need to provide Unique Identification Number(UIN)

*  In case Tax Return Prepares wants to create a challan in pre-login, they need to provide Tax Return Prepare INdentification Number (TRPID)

*  In case unregistered dealer having temporary ID wants to create in pre-login they need to provide  Temporary Identification Number (TMPID)

gst login

Click to the Service> Payments>Create Challan

Tax Liability details enter the details of payment to be made. The total challan amount field and total challan amount (in words ) fields are auto -populated .

Select the Mode of E-Payment
* Select mode of E-Payment as Net Banking
* Select the bank through which you want the payment.
* Select the checkbox for Terms and Conditions apply
*  Click the MAKE PAYMENT button

In case of successful payment, yoy will be re-directed to the GST portal where the translation status will be displayed. The payment receipt is displayed. To view the receipt, click the view receipt link

Click to the Service> Payments>Challan Status/Track Payment Status:

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